Amresh Prajapati

Amresh prajapati
Amresh Prajapati

Amresh Prajapati, Dedicated Web Developer and Digital Creator with the passion for building a winning web presence. As one of the best Freelancer in Mumbai, I own a sharp skill set covering full use web development providing work with both technical as well creativity workflow.

During my time learning web development I have been given a good, well rounded introductory understanding of full-stack experience. I move between these spaces just as effortlessly, making sure that a website stays just as aesthetically pleasing on the front end as it is functional from behind. SEO, HTML/CSS/JS along with the server side scripting and database management intricacies I am expert of all.

So, a big chunk of my job still involves gratuitously pushing buttons in that cPanel area-of-our-business where I get to configure sites, emails and dbs until the cows come home. This frees me to manage domain transfers and migrations in ways that ease clients through the process.

I also excel when it comes to customizing themes and styling templates so that they match your vision perfectly. I love that idea of taking a theme and customizing it to have something special, easy-to-use and consistent with the vibe you want your business or brand to achieve. From adjusting layouts to tweaking colour schemes or integrating interactive features, I want my designs to not only look immaculate but also be easy and simple on the user.

So, I am the one stop solution for all your web development needs having experience and expertise in developing excellent layouts of websites which are attractive to users. If you need a simple business card site or customized web application, I am going to bring your ideas into live. I am one of the top freelancers in Mumbai and make sure to provide quality work that result into a successful online existence.

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